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Timestrip® Blood Temp 10

Timestrip Blood Temp 10 Monitor ensures that bacterial growth
due to high temperatures has not compromised the blood during storage,
transportation or distribution- saving blood wastage. Read More >

Our NEW Calculator shows how much you can save on Blood Bag monitoring

We work with global brands, leading OEMs and product designers to pioneer low-cost time & temperature monitoring

Watch our video for an introduction to our technology

How do they work?

Timestrip labels remain completely inert prior to use and are shipped at ambient temperature- a clear cost and operational advantage over other cold chain technologies used in cold chain logistics and cold chain management.

With Timestrip, the monitoring process can only start once the activation pad has been compressed (by simple finger pressure), which triggers the migration of a safe dye along a patent protected membrane structure. Elapsed time and/or temperature breaches are displayed with clarity and accuracy and the process cannot be reversed or displays tampered with once activated.

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